Video chat program using python.

How can we perform video call without audio?

Fist thing we should know is that we need socket programming to transfer the video frame.

Socket programming is the way by which we can transfer the data from one person to other. The only condition is that we need to transform the data into bytes before sending it.

After we connect the sockets successfully we we need to capture the image in while loop and keep on converting it to byte and send it to other person.

we also need to use threading as simultaneously we need to send and recieve the data. SO we can create one “send” and one “Recieve” function and put both in the thread and start the thread, so that at the same time we can send and also recieve the data. So as the data is in bytes so again we need to transform the data at reciever end to show the data. I have done it in the same laptop with the help of external camera.

Below is the code snippet:

You can see the video demo here: